viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

FORMICA EZ ITXI Comunicación del Comité en inglés


Since the announcement made last June 28 by Formica Europe Board of directors of closing down their production factory in Galdakao and laiding off 190 workers, we have started an equally irrevocable chain of reactions: 4 days of strike with public gatherings before the public governments, meetings have been held with Town Hall and Basque Government, public demonstrations, car convoys, saucepan banging demonstrations, etc.
On top of this we have kept parallel protests like keeping information posts in the town, daily gatherings at the factory’s gate from 12 to 15 hours and some more meetings have been held.

We would also like to inform the people of Galdakao that up to this date, we have only been summoned up to 3 meetings with the factory managing team and the external advisors contracted by the company.
Ø      On those meetings no justification documents required by the works committee have been supplied, and the company managing directors have only repeated the unilateral decision of closing down the factory as initially communicated.

Ø      Since the beginning of this drama, they have offered the shutdown of the factory as the only and unique way, rejecting any other solutions.

Ø      We can state that they try to sow panic within our staff, not giving any confirmation about the possible transferral of workers to other factories for Formica in Europe

Ø      This works committee has informed about current situation since the first minute to all local & basque governments requesting the help of those public institutions, but we would like to clarify that any solution should be voted by the staff of Formica workers in Galdakao, and that the possible contribution of those mediators will not be valid without our express approval.

Ø      We are convinced on the profitability of this plant within the Group (no one has refuted this point up to this date) and we believe that the financial policy of the company by taking away from us customers first, and production orders second, is to impose a Collective Dismissal Procedure on our workers of Galdakao.

Ø      We will keep ourselves hard on our goal of maintaining the factory working until final solution of this conflict is achieved.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the people of Galdakao for their support and wholehearted solidarity and we hope we may count on you also for any future actions.

Works Committee of Formica S.A. in Galdakao

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